As the territory of Wales in the United Kingdom is actually geographically and historically drawn from what was originally known as Wessex, it is only appropriate this website link to

My father, Archibald Bulloch Roosevelt II, heir to the Wessex title, had studied the history of England prior to the Norman Conquest and and of Wessex and had earned a bachelor degree from Harvard University in history, with a minor in French.  His research showed that the present British monarchy, being from the York ancestral line, is actually from Spain by way of Ireland.  The Lancaster ancestral line is actually from England and Scotland.  The only language spoken in England prior to the Norman Conquest was Old English, not Welsh, or any other artificially created language to alter historical fact.  Earliest colonial records in North America also reflect the fact that Wales is a recent figment of the present British monarchy's imagination and not based on historical fact.  Queen Elizabeth and her son, Prince Charles, proceeded to steal my father's research, rewrite it and murder all of the descendants of President Theodore Roosevelt, including my parents.  My father was murdered and had his identity stolen by a British citizen working for the U.K. government too stupid to have been granted entrance to Harvard University himself.

The royal title of Wessex ceased to be recognized in the United Kingdom over three hundred years ago about the time the Hanover line came to power.  Of course, the Wessex line was recognized elsewhere and my parents, as U.S. citizens, were owned the copyright when alive.  Wessex was synonymous with the Roosevelt name and Wales was only recognized by the United Kingdom a few years after my family's 1967 murders.  The royal copyright title of Wessex was originally supposed to reflect the ancestral line of the indigenous Pictish/Celtic inhabitants of the British Isles, prior to Roman, French, Irish and German influence, among others.  Wessex was then unlawfully re-recognized by the United Kingdom in 2002 by impostors clearly impersonating me and my actually relevant ancestry. 

Not only has my father's research been plagiarized and the Wessex identity unlawfully duplicated (legally the Wessex title and name was already claimed), but my family was murdered and their estates stolen. 
I am now asking for international law enforcement to force the United Kingdom's Wessex royal titles to cease and desist.  I would also like prosecution for my family's murders, prosecution for continued British criminal and terrorist activity worldwide, and compensation for damages.

Dorothy Susan von Bismarck (formerly Sophia Dorothea Roosevelt)

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